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Traducción & Definición

a skill: una habilidad, una destreza
Success depends on skill and hard work. El éxito depende las habilidades y el trabajo duro.
Philip Cheeter has remarkable skill with the ladies. Philip Cheeter tiene un talento extraordinario cuando de mujeres se trata.

skilled: hábil, diestro, experto
He is a skilled carpenter. Él es un experto carpintero.

Pronunciation examples
UK: My many skills include reciting the alphabet backwards.
US: Horatio is highly skilled with a machete.


  • "Special skills"
  • "Graduated summa cum laude SKILLS"
  • "Samantha : If I may, sir, camels are amazing animals, and I am currently in a serious relationship with one, but there is no way that a camel could replace a human being at a highly-skilled office job!"
  • "With a lovely head like yours, I mean with your unique skills and experience, you could be earning a seven-figure salary!"
  • "Things we DO take into account: Employment history and experience (including references), performance, academic record, competences (knowledge, skill, and abilities), suitability for the job in question."
  • "I am shocked and appalled by your filthy mouth and mediocre tambourine skills."
  • "Circus skills"
  • "Basic computer skills necessary."
  • "As our office is full of creative people, the marketing department wanted to offer the first crack at this jingle to any musicians who want to show off their musical skills!"
  • "To become a manager, you generally demonstrate experience, aptitude and good leadership skills."

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