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slow: lento, torpe
Horatio is slow at responding to e-mails. Horatio es lento para responder a los e-mails.

to slow or to slow down: ir más despacio, disminuir la velocidad
All this extra weight is slowing me down. Todo este exceso de peso me hace ir más despacio.
Slow down! Tell me the story from the beginning. ¡Cálmate! Cuéntame la historia desde el principio.


  • "If you'll just let me explain the reason for our slower growth this quarter, I'm sure you'll see that it's just temporary."
  • "Bruno : I got tired of Brian Jones, he was a good worker but he needed to consume food and water regularly, which slowed me down."
  • "The outsourcing boom shows no signs of slowing: India, China and the Philippines have been targets for western businesses for some time now."
  • "The slower growth this quarter is mainly due to new hirings."
  • "Stephanie : Well, they do have a very slow metabolism, and it takes them hours to digest."
  • "Driving too slow?"
  • "AFS machine : But times are tough, the economy is slow"

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