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to spare: ahorrar
Atención, ciertas expresiones emplean to spare:

Please spare me the details. Por favor, ahórrame los detalles.
Can you spare some change? ¿Tienes cambio?
We have no time to spare. No tenemos tiempo que perder.
Please spare yourself the trouble of being nice to me. Por favor, ahórrate el esfuerzo de ser agradable conmigo.

to spare some time (to do sthg): ahorrar tiempo (para hacer algo)

(a) spare (part): (una pieza) de recambio
a spare tire una rueda de repuesto


  • "Follow me, young man, there's a couple of spare seats in first-class."
  • "Maybe there's a spare attached to the rear door."
  • "Anyway, get in touch if you want the spare ticket!"
  • "Susie, I know you are hard at work planning the TigerLily campaign, but please spare some time and try to create a marketing gimmick to sell these excess perfumes."
  • "Fortunately, however, a few fragments were spared, and I have put them in the bucket next to this letter."
  • "Hannah : Well I can't speak for all female managers, Jean, but I can spare you a minute."
  • "By simply accepting Mrs. Hughes' resignation, you could have spared the company this expense, which would have been greatly appreciated."
  • "DISCLAIMER: For safety reasons, participants are required to be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems. It is advisable to bring a spare pair of underpants."

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