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(Stand) still: (Permanecer) inmóvil, tranquilo, silencioso
adjective, adverb
It was still all through the house. Todo está tranquilo en la casa.

(I am) still (hungry): Aún (tengo hambre)
Despite her accident, Luna still bikes to work. A pesar del accidente, Luna todavía va al trabajo en bicicleta.
Bob is still waiting for his server to arrive. Bob aún espera a que llegue el camarero.

Still, (it's the thought that counts!): De todas formas, (¡la intención es lo que cuenta!)


  • "Still, there is hope for the human resistance: Edward and I have kidnapped the most important and handsome robot - BrianBot!"
  • "I'd still vote for him."
  • "Though you still show much difficulty respecting our ‘no touching' rule, you have demonstrated great progress in the following areas"
  • "As you can see, the company has provided the requisite amount of alcohol and sustenance for you to quote unquote 'enjoy yourselves', and yet it still seems that you are not 100% thrilled with the festivities!"
  • "Robots are still thriving at the Delavigne Corp, doing our jobs better than us."
  • "Reporter : Are you a baby that's still a baby who can talk, or are you somehow a baby that's like an adult but can talk?"
  • "First of all, you'll be happy to know that despite Bruno's absence, our shareholders still have confidence in us."
  • "Philip : That's still one."
  • "I had no idea that mining for gold was still a viable economic avenue."
  • "I still have some pimples though."

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