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Traducción & Definición

to stock (Delavigne's perfumes): vender, distribuir, tener (perfumes Delavigne)
We just started stocking this new candy bar. Acabamos de recibir este nuevo dulce.

(We don't have this model) in stock: (No nos queda este modelo) en reserva

a stock (of products): una reserva (de productos), existencias
Tenga cuidado con no confundirlo con beef stock (caldo de ternera).

Do you still have this sweater in stock? ¿Aún tienen este suéter en existencias?
This edition of the book is out of stock. Esta edición del libro está agotada.
Receive a free bottle of TigerLily while stocks last. Le ofrecemos una botella de TigerLily hasta que se agoten las existencias.


  • "You know how it works: we'll look at how your Delavigne products have been selling this quarter, what you'd like to order more of, what you've still got in stock, etc."
  • "Enjoy your time strolling our sunny 75-acre estate or swimming in our giant lake, stocked daily with fresh carp."
  • "Edward, tell Steffi what perfumes we have in stock!"
  • "I have made an appointment with the warehouse manager, Mr. Jiou, so that I can have a look at the stock for myself."
  • "Susie : As a matter of fact Philip, since you insist on making this a financial issue: immediately after the public became aware of their labor practices, their stock dropped 44% despite a booming stock market."
  • "Horatio : Susie, to make your man potion, I must look what I have in stock."
  • "Special terms and conditions: Any stock that remains unsold six (6) months after the delivery date will be bought back in full by the Delavigne Corporation (at the same price as stated above) within ten (10) working days."
  • "After careful consideration, neither I nor 251 out of 252 of the other small shareholders will be taking you up on your offer to buy back our stocks."
  • "Brian : Great, what do you have in stock?"
  • "I'm so sure you'll sell them all within 6 months, that we'll buy back any unsold stock at the same price."

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