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a store: un almacén, un depósito
a department store unos grandes almacenes (estilo 'El Corte Inglés')

to store: guardar, almacenar


  • "Remember: on the Musical Store hotline, all conversations take place in song!"
  • "This juice store is amazing!"
  • "Just one month ago, IFC reportedly made a billion-dollar offer to acquire the innovative American juice store after hearing rumors of the 'magical' properties of their products."
  • "Can I ride her out of the store?"
  • "Bruno : Forget about the stores for a second, Harold."
  • "Operator : Musical Store customer support, how can I help you?"
  • "If you would like information on Musical Store locations and opening hours, press 1."
  • "As a special treat, we have an exclusive perfume range which is only available in this store."
  • "Robot : Thank you for calling the Musical Store customer support hotline."
  • "After the Warbuckle sex scandal, the 'Department Store massacre', the Warbuckle fake moon landing, and other indiscretions by the retail king, could this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?"

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