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to struggle: luchar

a struggle: una lucha

(a) struggling (company): (una compañía) con problemas
Pronunciation examples
UK: It's always a struggle to get my boyfriend to eat broccoli.
US: Mr. Wang specializes in buying out struggling companies.


  • "The economy is struggling, people are losing their homes, and wars continue to be fought with no end in sight."
  • "Leonard : Don't you want to join us in the struggle?"
  • "An infamous raider, Mazerati started out as a minor shareholder in D&C and spent years slowly accumulating the majority of the company's stock, discreetly buying up shares from the struggling members of the Dulce and Carpaccio families without the knowledge or approval of other stockholders."
  • "As an emerging designer in 1950's France, Patrice took over the struggling fashion house of his mentor, Frederich Lundqvist, and restored it to respectability before launching his own fashion house with the financial backing of American investors."
  • "Imagine if you will, the struggle of this young, fatherless girl."
  • "As an immigrant myself, I struggled with a lot of red tape before I was finally awarded American citizenship."

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