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Traducción & Definición

a style: un estilo
It's not my style to arrive late. No es mi estilo llegar tarde.

to have style: tener estilo
Pronunciation examples
UK: What's your favourite style of music?
US: I like all styles, but hip hop and opera are my favorites.


  • "They had style, they had grace, Rita Hayworth gave good face."
  • "The styles of the 80s may be a thing of the past, but the concept behind power dressing is as relevant as ever."
  • "Do you have a particular style in mind?"
  • "Talking 'bout the young style."
  • "The interior is very plush and is decorated in a beautiful art deco style."
  • "It was the style at the time."
  • "Friday : To finish the week in style, our twisted tycoon was seen burning hundred dollar bills to light Cuban cigars in a Las Vegas night club."
  • "However, in my department, I try to make time to listen to my staff and collaborate with them. I suppose my management style is to be as approachable as possible."
  • "It's the defining characteristic of his style."
  • "This scent is now available in two new, completely different styles: after-shave and body spray."

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