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successful: de éxito, triunfador

to be successful (in): tener éxito (en)
Polly is successful in everything she does. Polly tiene éxito en todo lo que hace.

successfully (completed): (completado) con éxito
We ended the quarter successfully. Hemos terminado con éxito el trimestre.


  • "The previously privately-owned DataSeed Systems has announced that the general public can finally own a piece of the successful company."
  • "After undergoing successful therapy, I have now embarked upon the greatest endeavor of my career - becoming a painter."
  • "I'm happy to report that our "sales road trip" to Los Angeles was a crashing success, in the sense that we successfully crashed the company car."
  • "I'm going to talk to you today in my role as an "entrepreneur" about the importance of networking, and a theory called the "six degrees of separation" which could help you be as successful and rich as me."
  • "We all know Bruno Delavigne as the public face of the highly successful Delavigne Corporation."
  • "We go to bars looking for women, he's even more successful than me!"
  • "Bruno : The key to successful bidding is in the timing, Hannah."
  • "Today is your lucky day: You've just discovered the most successful money-making enterprise in the history of the internet."
  • "I am delighted to announce that the first six months of this year have been among the most successful in the Delavigne Corporation's history."
  • "You will continue to do business as usual, and we will continue to be successful."

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