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(to be) suitable: (ser) adecuado, apto, apropiado

to suit (somebody): convenir (a alguien); venir(le), quedar(le), sentar(le) bien
That shirt really suits you. Esa camisa te queda muy bien.


  • "Good luck in piecing them together and ultimately choosing the most suitable candidate for the job (whatever it is)."
  • "A Beretta is more suitable for a child of that age."
  • "Sorry about the mess in this meeting room. As I suggested in our telephone conversation last week, I'm going to need some convincing that your site is suitable to sell our products."
  • "However, I will keep your resume on file and contact you if ever a suitable position becomes available."
  • "Should you have anything suitable, I would be very grateful to view it as soon as possible."
  • "I read your CV with interest, but I'm afraid to say we have no suitable vacancies at present."
  • "Donna : Well, I was wondering if any of the accessories would be suitable for women?"
  • "Items marked 'VV' are vegan, and those marked 'V' are suitable for vegetarians."
  • "I suggest that you either make this product suitable for vegetarians, or rename it 'chicken and vegetable soup'."

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