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to supply : proveer, suministrar
supply and demand la oferta y la demanda

supplies: provisiones, existencias
Office supplies material de oficina

a 10-day supply: una reserva de 10 días

a supplier: un proveedor
We are already satisfied with our current suppliers. Estamos satisfechos con nuestro proveedor actual.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Extra paper will be supplied by the teacher if it is needed.
US: Good news: we have just received a one-week supply of paper from our office supplier.


  • "Horatio, normally the average cost of your monthly supplies is around 600 dollars, US currency."
  • "Shopkeeper : Well we mostly supply to government organizations, although more and more leading corporations are purchasing these days."
  • "Susie : $23,000, and we'll throw in a year's supply of Delavigne beauty products."
  • "But I just wanted to double check that there hasn't been a mistake, because the cost of this month's supplies is nearly 14,000 dollars."
  • "Icarus : Then I'll have to recommend to Bruno and to the board that your supplies must be pre-approved by."
  • "Philip : Will they be able to produce enough Bruno's Brew to supply this order?"
  • "All you do is supply the perfumes, and we rake in the money."
  • "The endless supply of foot massages has not gone unnoticed, and the sparkling water you bring to me tastes as fresh as a polar bear's paddling pool."
  • "Horatio : My supplies?"
  • "Keep it, and you have to come to me for supplies for the rest of the year."

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