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Traducción & Definición

to take over: tomar/hacer(se) con el control, hacerse cargo (de)
verb, idiom
We're thinking about taking over this company if their sales continue to drop. Pensamos hacernos con el control de esta empresa si las ventas continúan bajando.

a takeover: una toma de control; una adquisición, una fusión, una absorción, una OPA (Oferta Pública de Adquisición)
We want to handle the takeover as smoothly as possible. Queremos que la absorción resulte lo menos abrupta posible.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I will take this company over, then give it to my daughter.
US: I hope the takeover runs smoothly.


  • "Edward : Hi, this is Edward Moon, I'm not here right now because I'm taking part in a secret plot to overthrow the robots that have taken over the Delavigne Corporation - boooo!"
  • "I expected this answer, which is why my team of lawyers is working in shifts, planning a hostile takeover of your companies."
  • "I have held this position for more than ten years, but am just now taking over your account from Luke Gabriels, who has moved on to other challenges in this industry."
  • "Xavier taught me the perfume trade because he wanted me to take over his business, and carry on his legacy."
  • "What began as the dream of two ambitious Italian youths in Tuscany ended suddenly and brutally in a Milan boardroom last week when it was announced that fashion house Dulce and Carpaccio had been taken over by Sylvio Mazerati."
  • "At least that was the case until last week, when one of the most controversial takeovers in Italian history took place."
  • "As an emerging designer in 1950's France, Patrice took over the struggling fashion house of his mentor, Frederich Lundqvist, and restored it to respectability before launching his own fashion house with the financial backing of American investors."
  • "The takeover was an unexpected blow to the family-run business that could mark the end of a century of locally-tailored Italian couture."
  • "Takeover coincided with the mysterious disappearance of company president Sum-Young Kai."
  • "Despite appearances to the contrary, the takeover is completely legitimate, and cannot be challenged in a court of law."

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