To expect

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to expect (something to happen): esperar (que algo pase)
Mr. Warbuckle was expected in Bruno's office this morning. Esta mañana se esperaba al Sr. Warbuckle en la oficina de Bruno.
What do you expect from me? ¿Que esperas de mí?

an expectation: una expectativa, una previsión; una esperanza
Bruno has high expectations of his staff. Bruno tiene grandes expectativas hacia su grupo.

expected: esperado


  • "We weren't expecting an inspection."
  • "-I wouldn't expect more than a few sprinkles."
  • "He's expecting you at his home studio in Sausalito tomorrow at 3PM."
  • "Free-shipping and "buy one get one free" offers are expected to increase before Christmas."
  • "You don't expect the staff to sing that every morning, do you?"
  • "On the other hand it makes me sad that I can't give you the response you might expect."
  • "However, despite my tastes and means, I cannot be expected to keep buying fine art out of my own pocket, and I will bring up the matter of finances at the next shareholders meeting."
  • "Specifically, I've been thinking about your highly unrealistic expectations of making it in the music industry."
  • "I never expected that we'd receive so many love letters."

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