To hold

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to hold (something): sostener (algo)
Please hold my hand, I'm scared. Dame la mano por favor, tengo miedo.

Este verbo es irregular:
I hold / I held / I have held

to hold a position: ocupar un puesto
Bruno has held the position of CEO at the Delavigne Corp. for over 25 years. Bruno ocupa el puesto de Director General en Delavigne Corp. desde hace más de 25 años.
hold a conversation mantener una conversación
hold a meeting celebrar una reunión
Hold the phone! ¡Para! ¡No te apresures! ¡Un momento!
hold the line no cuelgue

(The competition is) being held (in Australia): (La competición) tiene lugar (en Australia)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I am too drunk to hold a conversation.
US: Please hold my hand, I'm scared.


  • "If you turn off your light, I'll hold your hand."
  • "Let's hold hands."
  • "Why don't you hold hands?"
  • "Further to our conversation, here is a brief summary of the current policy you hold with Ouch Insurance."
  • "After six months of record sales, Philip was awarded the position of Director, which he held ever since."
  • "Edward : They can wave to a friend or hold power tools."
  • "I have held this position for more than ten years, but am just now taking over your account from Luke Gabriels, who has moved on to other challenges in this industry."
  • "And where are the Olympic games being held this year, Lotsa?"
  • "(A handkerchief held in front of the mouth and nose would work out at just 40 cents per unit."
  • "Wow, I'm holding an E-Phone!"

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