To mean

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to mean: significar, querer decir
What does that mean? Can you explain the sense to me? ¿Qué significa eso? ¿Podría explicarme el significado?

Este verbo es irregular:
I mean / I meant / I have meant

(what) I mean...: (lo que) quiero decir...
I hate children... I mean, I'm not ready to have them. Odio a los niños... quiero decir, todavía no estoy listo para tenerlos.

(your friendship) means (a lot to me): (tu amistad) significa (mucho para mí)


  • "I mean, we've struck gold!"
  • "I mean, I love working with you!"
  • "Let's welcome our first, and thankfully penultimate, that means second to last, entry: "Boy Joy Machine?"
  • "I mean that he is a bastard in the sense that you are not his father, and Susan is not his mother."
  • "Excuse my French, but that means we're in deep )(• #$."
  • "Find out what it means to me."
  • "Brian : Edward, I mean Deep Throat, this is BJ."
  • "-Do you mean that you lied on your application?"
  • "Edward : Yeah, I know what you mean, there's something about his walk."
  • "This does not mean I'm abandoning you, or this company."

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