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Traducción & Definición

to reassure: asegurar, tranquilizar
I did not feel reassured after Friday's meeting. No me siento tranquilo después la reunión del viernes pasado.

Pronunciation examples
UK: The airline reassured the customers that their planes were safe.
US: Jason was worried about taking heroin, but his drug dealer reassured him.


  • "It's mild, it's reassuring, it's cheap: a bit like Europe in the current geopolitical sandwich."
  • "I just wanted to reassure you that Krazy Gidyeon (CEO of Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume, in his infinite wisdom, has removed the page on his Website selling Delavigne perfumes below MSRP."
  • "Just to reassure you, I have attached to this e-mail a photo of myself with several high-ranking ministers of government and military."
  • "Bruno : That's reassuring."
  • "It reassures me."
  • "Bruno tried to reassure me that we have Willy, the security guard, who is as old as my grandfather and perhaps as intelligent as my hamster."
  • "Bruno : Reassuring words admiral."
  • "But with the SSSS3000, you can be reassured that you are not just another statistic."
  • "I just want to reassure you that you're both bad, and that song was certainly double bad."
  • "Kevin : Well, I'm reassured."

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