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Traducción & Definición

to strike: pegar, golpear
Tenga cuidado para no confundirlo con to go on strike (hacer huelga).

Este verbo es irregular:
I strike / I struck / I have struck or stricken

stricken (with): afectado, aquejado, damnificado
The entire country is stricken with poverty. Todo el país está asolado por la pobreza.
Her face was stricken with guilt. En su cara se reflejaba la culpabilidad.
Even though Bruno Delavigne is stricken with anosmia, he is still able to run a perfume business. Aunque Bruno Delavigne esté aquejado de anosmia, aún puede dirigir una empresa de perfumes.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I cried when I saw the man strike his dog. It struck me as very cruel.
US: Rachel comes from a poverty-stricken country.


  • "It's a game played with a ball that is struck with the foot."
  • "Moira : Speaking of Mexico, or more precisely the Gulf of Mexico, an earthquake struck the west coast of central Florida last night."
  • "Bruno's head struck the windshield, and he immediately fell into a coma."
  • "I hate to be the one to ask this question, but rumors have been circulating that Bruno Delavigne is stricken with the terrible disease known as Anosmia."
  • "We'll have to strike earlier than anticipated."
  • "So, the perfume killer has struck again!"
  • "Today, as my personal assistant Brian Jones and I explored this beautiful city and talked to the native people, I was struck by the differences between our two countries."
  • "Each time I strike my triangle I am out of breath."

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