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Traducción & Definición

(Where are) the toilets (please?): ¿(Podría indicarme dónde está) el baño (por favor)?
In British English, the toilets refers to the room with a toilet. In American English, this room is called the bathroom.


  • "Fukuyama : Karaoke toilets are the latest fashion in Japan."
  • "Bruno : I saw everything from the security cameras that monitor these toilets."
  • "I also know that Icarus has to use the toilets."
  • "Dave : And what will I find there, the guest toilet?"
  • "We are "examining" him now in a secret location (the toilets in the Delavigne parking lot), trying to find out literally what makes these robots tick."
  • "You just go down that corridor, past the water cooler, and the toilets are on your left."
  • "Philip : Just as soon as I'm finished spitting this important message: "Must use toilet immediately, ate burrito for breakfast."
  • "Fukuyama : In toilets!"
  • "Dave : Excuse me, can you tell me where the toilets are please?"
  • "I've surfed every wave in this building, including the killer break in the first floor toilet."

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