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to track (something, someone): localizar (algo, a alguien); seguir el curso, el progreso de (algo o alguien)
We need your confirmation number, so that we can track your order. Necesitamos su número de confirmación para poder localizar su pedido.

the tracks (of someone, of something): las huellas, las pistas, el rastro (de alguien, de algo)
The police followed the robber's tracks all the way to the bank. La policía siguió las pistas del ladrón hasta llegar al banco.
to be on the right track ir por buen camino
to lose track of time perder la noción del tiempo
to keep track of someone, something seguir con atención (algo, a alguien); estar al tanto de (algo); mantener contacto con (alguien)

a track (on a record, tape, CD): una pista (en un disco, casete)


  • "Only original tracks will be considered."
  • "To track the instrument you have ordered, press 2."
  • "If the anti-piracy legislation is passed, government agencies will be tracking IP addresses, monitoring our downloads, maybe even reading our e-mails!"
  • "The hot air balloon was being tracked by satellite and radio until 7:32, at which time it disappeared from the radar, and the radio signal was replaced by static."
  • "Our mission is to track a wild dolphin and determine if communication is possible outside the aquarium. Admiral Jones, take us down!"
  • "He's in the Galapagos islands, tracking the oldest living giant tortoise."
  • "This program offers us the possibility to track the shipment of our products from our manufacturers to our various warehouses."
  • "It features payroll management, and shipping tracking functionality."
  • "Rupert : We use specially-trained dogs that track the scent of the fox with their noses."

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