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travels: los viajes
Travels siempre esta en plural en este caso.

to travel: viajar
to travel on seguir, continuar un viaje

Passengers travelling on to Toulouse will be stopping in Bordeaux. Los pasajeros en dirección a Toulouse deberán hacer una parada en Burdeos.


  • "Philip will be traveling by company car in order to save on airfare, so you can consider this a 'business road trip' if you like."
  • "I hope you are able to rearrange your travel plans."
  • "I'd much rather travel with the people."
  • "Someone attractive, who enjoys traveling, and the finer things in life."
  • "Horatio : You need to travel, try new things."
  • "Mile High Airways: The vagabond's choice of air travel."
  • "During my travels, however, I realized something: Although I'm an awesome person, my place is here, at the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "They travel with me everywhere."
  • "Philip will be traveling to smoggy, silicone-filled Los Angeles on Thursday morning to meet with buyers from 'Smells R Us', a chain of local perfume stores based in Southern California, as well as carriers of fine Delavigne products."
  • "Nurse Baker : Just a few questions about your general health, where you've traveled, and your sexual history."

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