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Traducción & Definición

to be unable (to do sthg): ser incapaz de (hacer algo), no poder (hacer algo)
I am unable to make it to your party Friday night. No podré ir a tu fiesta el viernes por la noche.
Mr. Warbuckle's accountant was unable to balance his books before the tax deadline. El contable de Don Warbuckle no pudo presentar el balance de cuentas antes de la fecha límite.


  • "I am unable to reach you by telephone, so I am writing you this e-mail in regards to a patient who checked in at 3 AM this morning."
  • "As a vegetarian, I was unable to eat your "vegetable" soup."
  • "Space Base Alpha : Unable to comply with your request."
  • "Air Traffic Controller : I'm unable to identify you on radar."
  • "Me, because I'm unable to smell, and Horatio because he creates smells."
  • "Unfortunately, the gentleman I was planning to take with me is unable to attend, so his ticket is up for grabs!"
  • "Please, get in touch with Charlie (I no longer have any record of his number but I'm hoping you still have it written down somewhere) and explain that I will be unable to attend the concert tonight."
  • "I am unable to take this holiday because my elderly mother fell down the stairs and broke her hip."
  • "No human casualties were reported, although it is believed that the goose was unable to survive its devastating injuries."
  • "Unfortunately, I am unable to give you more information regarding my position and purpose, because then I would have to kill you."

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