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uncomfortable: incómodo

comfortable: cómodo


  • "I am comfortable in high-pressure situations, and I work well both independently and within a team. In addition to my secretarial and research skills, I am an experienced event planner, having arranged Bingo Night for three consecutive years, one of the government's most popular evenings."
  • "Expect smooth, classic jazz sounds, comfortable leather club chairs, and an average age of 78."
  • "We are here to serve you, so please don't hesitate to ask our crew for anything you need to make this flight more comfortable."
  • "Somewhere crowded, where we both feel comfortable."
  • "Hannah : Approachable means making sure that people feel comfortable in coming to me and asking me questions."
  • "Donna : Now then, are you comfortable?"
  • "Extra comfortable, to encourage workers to wear them at all times."
  • "In a comfortable bed, I hope."
  • "Donna : Don't get too comfortable please."
  • "Receptionist : Don't worry sir, all our beds are very comfortable."

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