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to walk: andar, ir andando

to walk (a dog): pasear (un perro)

(to take, to go for) a walk: (darse, ir a dar) un paseo
Let's go for a walk. Vamos a dar un paseo.

(he has a confident) walk: (su) andar (es seguro)
Pronunciation examples
UK: It's a beautiful night, let's go for a walk.
US: I have a new pair of shoes and now I am ready to walk.


  • "Jean : I want to have a little walk first."
  • "Edward : Yeah, I know what you mean, there's something about his walk."
  • "Walking a dog can be so good for your health, it's great exercise!"
  • "Your job, it is to walk around in desert and not drink water?"
  • "Every comedy show has already parodied every Aaron Sorkin trope: the walking and talking."
  • "They are sad, mad, they just walk on the floor."
  • "Can a president truly be effective when he has to walk a small dog twice a day?"
  • "You ignore the ad, but as you're walking past, you get hit in the face by a big blast of TigerLily fragrance."
  • "Watch this: Come on Stink, let's take a nice walk!"
  • "But I really enjoy taking her on walks through the park."

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