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While (I was sleeping...): Mientras, a pesar de que (yo dormía)
In British English, whilst is often used in place of "while".

While he presented an impressive CV, he did not do very well in the interview. A pesar de tener un currículum impresionante, no le fue muy bien en la entrevista.
Can you wait for me while I get a few things from the store? ¿Puedes esperarme un momento mientras voy a comprar unas cosas a la tienda?

While (on the building site, be very careful): Cuando (estés en la obra ten mucho cuidado)

(to wait for) a while: (esperar) un rato
It's been a while since I last heard from you. Hacía tiempo que no sabía nada de ti.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Whilst you're up, would you mind making me a cup of tea?
US: I cut my chin while shaving this morning.


  • "The experience was utterly humiliating for both of us, and for a long while, it seemed that we would die in that horrible, detestable yet meticulously organized hellhole."
  • "Now you shake the test tube, while I sing the peace and love song."
  • "While other airlines set ticket prices for their flights, Mile High Airways has devised a new pricing strategy called "Fare's fair"."
  • "While the print media has indeed been critical of your company recently, we propose focusing on Delavigne's Internet presence to shift the narrative from tabloid gossip to the high quality profiles and experience of your staff."
  • "Plus you keep yelling "man overboard" while using the toilet."
  • "Ride a whale while wearing a cowboy hat."
  • "Greenzo: Saving the earth while maintaining profitability."
  • "while drinking heavily."
  • "Glen : The rest of you, while I'm helping Edward, please practice your breathing."
  • "Did you know that this little girl once took a taxi to school for a week while the chauffeur was out sick?"

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