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Traducción & Definición

a workplace: un lugar de trabajo
Smoking is prohibited in the workplace. Está prohibido fumar en el lugar de trabajo.


  • "You know there are thousands of cases of workplace sexual harassment in the States every year."
  • "In order to prevent the transmission of diseases in the workplace, I have put in place a new initiative that will encourage people to wash their hands after using the bathroom. I am reluctant to reveal too much information regarding the protocol as it may compromise its effectiveness."
  • "- Never deactivate the firewall we have installed for you, even if it prevents you from accessing certain websites (which are, as it happens, not appropriate for the workplace)."
  • "I feel more prepared to take a leadership position not only in the workplace, but also at the head of a small country again, if ever the need arises."
  • "Being respected in the workplace"
  • "We need to have a long talk about appropriate language in the workplace."
  • "Banned from the workplace"
  • "A lot of people don't realize that an efficient workplace requires positive energy."
  • "Susie : Have you seen the new guidelines for language in the workplace Brian?"
  • "Kimmie : No, my presentation is on the dangers of stereotypes in the workplace."

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