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to worry: preocuparse
That worries me. Eso me preocupa.

a worry: una preocupación
That's the least of my worries. Eso es lo último que me preocupa.

worrying (news): (noticias) preocupantes
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm very worried about George. He's talking to himself.
US: Don't worry, that's nothing. Last week he was walking backwards.
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  • "I'm worried that some of the staff might resent the fact that Bruno appointed me."
  • "Some of my retail reports are quite worrying."
  • "You eliminate the competition for our perfumes, and I have a hundred screaming partners to worry about."
  • "I'm here to set you up with a home security system. She said you were a little worried about burglars breaking in to your home."
  • "Bruno : Okay Icarus, I'm ready to hear about your strategy, but I'm worried it's going to be boring."
  • "Human beings have the disadvantage of being able to worry about future events, including ones which may never happen."
  • "Worried about the American market?"
  • "Bad Stuff Happening Everywhere: People Worried, Not Me Though"
  • "Moreover, your sexist remarks were completely unacceptable – they expose an attitude that worries me almost as much as Doris's inability to do her job."
  • "This is relatively sane and worried Gideon, saying goodbye."

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