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(The tiger has escaped.) As a result, (we can't go to the zoo): (Le tigre s'est échappé.) Par conséquent, (on ne peut pas aller au zoo)
Note : "As a result" introduces the conclusion of an action or event which was previously mentioned. "As a result of" is used to introduce the cause or origin of an action.
(My flight was delayed) as the result of (a snow storm): (Mon vol a été repoussé) à la suite de, à cause d'(une tempête de neige)
As a result of the judge's decision, I will be in juvenile detention for six months. Suite à la décision du juge, je suis en maison correctionnelle pour les six prochains mois.


  • "The fan is probably destroyed, and as a result your motherboard is totally fried."
  • "As a result of this experience, I have mastered my own emotions, which has made me the ideal candidate to interact with customers in a professional, calm and composed fashion."
  • "As a result of the operation, Mr. Connors was physically unable to drive his own car, due to the bandages covering his eyes, which is why Mr. Marron happened to be at the wheel."
  • "In conclusion, and as a result of your hard work, I would like to propose the next step in your therapy"
  • "Luna : I just wish it were less humid in this building, my chi is really suffering as a result."
  • "Leonard : Mr. Delavigne, my comrades have need to speak with you, and as a result of the collective bargaining agreement signed three years ago, it's my duty to negotiate workers' rights and grievances with the employer."
  • "I made two mistakes that day: not putting on my seatbelt (and suffering horrific nasal injuries as a result) and not renewing my auto insurance."
  • "Delavigne's share price will fluctuate as a result."
  • "As a result, he will not be coming into the office for the next few days."

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