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As you know, (I don't like dogs): Comme vous le savez (je n'aime pas les chiens)
As you may already know, we are looking for a new director of sales. Comme vous devez le savoir déjà, nous recherchons un nouveau responsable des ventes.


  • "But as you know, I'm working two jobs at the moment."
  • "Jean : Well, as you may know, I am not an American citizen..."
  • "Brian : Bruno, Horatio, as you know, Chuk-Chuk and I have been meditating together a lot recently."
  • "As you know, these meetings are an opportunity for us to discuss what is going on in this crazy world, because often we're so busy with our daily responsibilities that we don't take the time to see what's really going on around us!"
  • "As you know from reading my memo, we're here to come up with a name for Delavigne's new skin cream. Is everyone ready?"
  • "As you may know, I have a growing family and my children demand most of my free time away from work."
  • "As you know, my grandfather started this company in 1933."
  • "As you know, I started this business in Stuttgart with just a dream and some volatile chemicals-"
  • "As you know, every four years, we gather to watch some of the world's palest athletes skate, ski and slide to Olympic glory for their country."
  • "As you know, Ivana BĂŒmBĂŒm, the model who appears in our TV commercials, and who is considered to be the face of Delavigne, has been photographed taking cocaine."

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