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a democracy: une démocratie
democratic: démocratique
to democratize: démocratiser


  • "Brian : The daughter's name is Democracy?"
  • "I know the perfect destination to bring Democracy!"
  • "I promised her that I would bring Democracy, her daughter, to a small country... like on vacation."
  • "Democracy has already been to Kazakhstan, and England is a scary, undeveloped country that we should avoid at all costs."
  • "Warbuckle's Department Stores will donate a sum of 1 million dollars annually to charitable causes promoting democracy, free trade and open borders in Europe."
  • "Edward : Oh I get it, Democracy is the name of a girl!"
  • "I'm going away for a few days because I'm bringing Democracy to Peacenikland"
  • "thing with Democracy doesn't work out."
  • "Democracy's mother is a woman that I want to sleep with."
  • "When and where are we bringing Democracy?"

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