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a flood: une crue, une inondation
to flood: inonder
to flood the market inonder le marché
The house was so flooded that I had to swim to the kitchen. La maison était si inondée que j'ai dû nager pour atteindre la cuisine.


  • "Moira : Here's a quick look at some of the stories we'll be covering today: another devastating flood hits Bangladesh, the economic crisis in Argentina takes a turn for the worse, and an assassination attempt on the Danish Prime Minister has some hilarious consequences."
  • "Neighborhoods are starting to flood and others are being sandbagged to absorb the water."
  • "By now, you've no doubt read the newspapers: devastating earthquakes, deadly floods, fatal epidemics, terrorist attacks, destructive hurricanes and death tolls in the thousands, and that's just on the front page!"

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