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secure: sûr, sécurisé, en sûreté
to secure (a seatbelt): attacher (une ceinture de sécurité)
to secure (something): obtenir, garantir, assurer


  • "Kevin : Yeah, but you read her e-mail on how we need to be more secure... she'll have us working in cells pretty soon."
  • "Look, it's all a bit technical, but the important thing is that my company's future is secure."
  • "Place headset on subject's head and secure with glue provided."
  • "Bruno : I've successfully secured the microphone to the dolphin's head."
  • "I went over the agreement very thoroughly and you seem to be secure when it comes to all of the shareholders... except one."
  • "But, of course, if you aren't serious about securing your financial future, Mr. Cheeter... Mr. Cheeter?"
  • "Icarus was also able to secure payment for the unpaid invoices you inquired about."
  • "Each session should last no longer than an hour, and I'm working on securing bagels and possibly lox for snacking."

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