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new: nouveau
Is that a new dress you're wearing? Portez-vous une nouvelle robe?
newest le plus nouveau


  • "Horatio : Nothing new."
  • "He wants to be the new Don."
  • "I'm loving my new life in the navy."
  • "But it's not important, I have a new wife."
  • "Congratulations on your new position as my life coach!"
  • "You're looking fabulous today, is that a new haircut?"
  • "Southside Johnny is loyal to the family, but I got to look out for British Bob, because he's got his eyes on becoming the new Don."
  • "It seems that the new European president serves two masters: the people of the old continent as well as Delavigne, his employer for the past decade."
  • "To help you achieve your goals, I need you to adopt some new habits."
  • "I would like you to accompany Philip on this trip in order to discuss said invoices with their accounts department while Philip discusses new orders with their buyers, thereby killing two birds with one stone."

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