Christie C. verhaal

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Bonjour! Two years ago, I decided to start studying French. My husband and I have lots of friends in France and we visit them quite often. I'm pretty terrible at French but have fallen so deeply in love with the language, I just keep at it. I'm consistently at an A1 level and feel pretty comfortable there. When the pandemic hit in March, I was furloughed from my job. Because of our age (over 65) we have remained sheltered in place. Personally, I've never been happier! I think I discovered Frantastique by accident, perhaps through Lawless French. With all this spare time on my hands for the first time in my life, I decided to immerse myself in French. I start my day reading the news in French "France 24". Then while I'm doing the dishes, I watch French 24 daily news in French which lasts around 20 minutes. Then, while I'm doing kitchen chores, I watch YouTube for anything French: Alexa, Thomas, Vincent, etc. My day consists of homework for my real class in French via Zoom. I work with Duolingo as soon as I have some spare time, in the doctor's waiting room for instance. I love Duolingo, because it's fun and they now have stories. I make Frantastique my priority because I pay for their lessons (totally worth it!!!) Then I complete three-minute French lessons with Udemy. I got turned on to 3 Minutes through my public library (free for the first 1 or 2 courses). Also free through the library is Rosetta Stone and it is incredible (but I usually don't have time to squeeze it in). I've programmed my Amazon Echo to only respond in French. I watch many French movies in French of courses and I only read books about France, cooking, history, non-fiction. I cook French food with Jacques Pepin and Julia Child on TV. As you can see, I'm throwing everything at it until I become fluent. Regarding Frantastique, I became hooked right from the start It was hysterical! I don't know how they think up the characters the dialogue, the colors!!!!!!! I can't imagine living without AIGF! Thanks for allowing me to share. I hope you can download my drawing. Love, Christie

— Christie C. (Newport Beach, UNITED STATES)