Samir F. verhaal

Verhalen van anderen zijn een inspiratie voor onze eigen levens.
Dit zijn echte ervaringen van echte mensen die ons inspireren. Vertel ons ook jouw verhaal!

I am of Syrian origin and learned French in kindergarten, then in the first and second grade. I then moved to a rural area with no French teaching. I continued reading Tintin and Asterix comics to keep up my French. Then in my 40s I started visiting France every 2-3 years trying to speak French. In my early sixties in joined the French Cultural Center in Atlanta and tried to improve my French there. Your lessons are convenient, attractive, amusing and challenging to my aging brain. It keeps me young and is sometimes challenging. Something to look forward to, although it’s demanding but it kicks me in the butt to move my ass and study. When I watch a French movie I get disappointed that I can’t understand enough but that drives me even more to learn. Frantastique keep me hoping when I get a little lazy.

— Samir F. (Atlanta, UNITED STATES)