Serge JGh L. verhaal

Verhalen van anderen zijn een inspiratie voor onze eigen levens.
Dit zijn echte ervaringen van echte mensen die ons inspireren. Vertel ons ook jouw verhaal!

Hello, Learning a foreign language is a very long road... it never ends. Even if it's very late, even if I am tired, I try to make the time to practice english every day. This is the interest of Gymglish: an email awaits you and urges you to go ahead. It keeps you going. About Gymglish itself, I would say the lessons are rather interesting, most of the time funny and sometimes irreverent, whichI really appreciate. There are often slang expressions to discover, really useful to understand street English, and I now I am able to hold a normal conversation with real people!

— Serge JGh L. (Libramont-Chevigny, BELGIUM)