Susie Y. verhaal

Verhalen van anderen zijn een inspiratie voor onze eigen levens.
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Starting with Gymglish's free trial in April, I've grown an English-learning habit in my daily routine, so this April, I didn't hesitate when it was time to make a purchase for more Gymglish courses. I find Gymglish quite helpful to enlarge my English vocabulary because it introduces the circumstances where new words are used in daily life and this makes it easier for me to memorize the words. Besides, the Delavigne Corp. story is very interesting and the topics are fashionable. I enjoy the lessons very much. I love travelling and reading very much, and I feel English a necessary tool to keep in touch with the world's information on different cultures and most advanced techniques, ideas and designs etc.. Thus, after about 10 years' lack of using English in my daily life after graduation, I decide to pick it up again and it makes me feel fresh and energetic nowadays. I've learned a bit about business email writing through Gymglish. I'm sure when I learn more about business English, my career-developing oppotunities will be enhanced and my communication skills can be improved. I'm looking forward to more Gymglish lessons, and I'll recommend Gymglish to my family and friends without a doubt.

— Susie Y. (Shanghai, CHINA)