Sarah I. verhaal

Verhalen van anderen zijn een inspiratie voor onze eigen levens.
Dit zijn echte ervaringen van echte mensen die ons inspireren. Vertel ons ook jouw verhaal!

It all began in October 2015 -I had my first Business English course ever and I thought it was interesting, but there were many specific words that I couldn't understand. I went back home angry at myself because instead of doing nothing back then, I could have started to learn. So I decided to do something about it. I wanted to improve my English but I couldn't hire a teacher since it was expensive, then I remembered 'Gymglish'. I decided to test it and then I liked it and bought a membership for one year. At first it was not easy to focus, but I told myself that it was the price to pay to be proficient at English. 6 months later, I can definitely be proud of myself because I never gave up thanks to this website... it's the best thing ever!

— Sarah I. (Paris, FRANCE)