Formación inglés de negocios (Empresas)

La formación de inglés Gymglish PRO (formación profesional de inglés, plan de formación continuo, Fundación Tripartita ) se dirige a aquellas empresas que deseen ofrecer a sus trabajadores una formación profesional de inglés a distancia o en Blended Learning.

Formación Inglés de Negocios



• Duración de la formación: 12 meses  (máx. 40 horas) o 6 meses (máx. 20 horas)

• Nivel requerido: todos los niveles (excepto principiantes)

• Seguimiento y Certificado de fin de la formación

• Posibilidad de financiación por la Fundación Tripartita


Nuestra formación de inglés comercial es personalizada y se adapta a sus necesidades de aprendizaje. Podrá elegir aquello que quiere trabajar con prioridad: inglés escrito, oral, un acento concreto, e-mails, conversaciones telefónicas, etc. Esta oferta de inglés de negocios le ofrece cada día un nuevo episodio de la Delavigne Corporation que trata de forma preferente situaciones y terminología 'business': presentaciones comerciales, reuniones, negociaciones, organización de empresas, etc. 

Ejemplos de algunos episodios de INGLES DE NEGOCIOS:

1/ Radio Rhubarb News: Finance anglais commercial 2
Stella Mercato talks about the property market

2/ Delavigne Down Under (scene 1)

Bruno Delavigne starts a Skyte teleconference to Australia

3/ Delavigne Down Under (scene 1)
Bruno continues his teleconference with Glenn Thompson and Scott McCully  

4/ The Perfect Client (scene 2)
  Philip receives a telephone call (the conversation continues)

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A continuación le mostramos la transcripción de los audios de INGLES DE NEGOCIOS:

1/ Radio Rhubarb News: Finance
Stella Mercato talks about the property market

Brent: Hello listeners; I'm Brent Vanderplop, and I'm with you until the end of the program. Right now we have Radio Rhubarb's financial correspondent, Stella Mercato, who is with us to talk about a subject that's very close to my heart: money. Hi Stella!

Stella: Hi Brent!

Brent: So Stella, according to my calendar, it's January. What good financial news can we expect this year?

Stella: None. It's not looking good.

Brent: It's not? But we've never had it so good!

Stella: The property boom is over, Brent. The housing bubble has burst, prices are starting to stagnate, and in some places are actually dropping.

Brent: Oh. So it's not a good time to buy a second home? Even in Hawaii?

Stella: Not a good idea, Brent, at least if you need to buy it with credit. There's a risk that if housing prices fall, you'll fall into negative equity.

Brent: Negative equity? That sounds serious, Stella.

Stella: Very serious, Brent. Negative equity is when you owe your bank more than your house is worth. Then you're in trouble. You are unlikely to be lent any more money and you may not be able to transfer your existing loan from one home to another.

Brent: Thanks for that report, Stella. My surfing days in Hawaii are over.

Stella: Just doing my job, Brent, just doing my job.


2/ Delavigne Down Under (scene 1)
Bruno Delavigne starts a Skyte teleconference to Australia

Brian: Bruno, I have set up the Skyte teleconference with your contact in Australia. You just need to click on the 'call' button.

Bruno: Glenn Thompson? How is the best consultant in Australia?

Glenn: G'day Bruno! I haven't seen you since you opened your office here in Sydney. How's that going by the way?

Bruno: Really well! The office has posted some very healthy sales figures. It's all thanks to you, Glenn. Your consulting work was instrumental.

Glenn: Well, you've got a great sales team there.

Bruno: Actually Glenn, I'm thinking about expanding the office. It feels like a good time to consolidate Delavigne Corp's presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Glenn: That's great news. Let me just open a beer.

Bruno: Beer? Isn't it 10 o'clock in the morning over there?

Glenn: Yeah, but it's drinking time in San Francisco. So, what are your plans?

Bruno: Well, I'd like to double our sales force, so I'll need help looking for a new location. There's not enough space at our current site.

Glenn: Well, rent prices in Sydney have gone way up since you last looked. Why don't you try somewhere like Melbourne?

Bruno: Hmm, I'm reluctant to leave Sydney. It's a fine city to do business in, and besides, I was told that Melbourne was mainly a cultural center.

Glenn: Ok. I might have an idea for you. Have you considered New Zealand?

Bruno: New Zealand?

Glenn: Now don't sound so surprised, it's a lovely place. If you hang on the line I'll see if I can get a contact of mine to join us. He's a consultant in New Zealand. Just hold on.


3/ Delavigne Down Under (scene 1)
Bruno continues his teleconference with Glenn Thompson and Scott McCully  

Glenn: Bruno, can you hear me okay?

Bruno: Yes Glenn, I can hear you.

Glenn: Bruno, we're joined by Scott McCully, the consultant from New Zealand. Are you there, Scott?

Scott: I'm here and I can hear you both okay. Let me just open a beer.

Glenn: Ok, we hear each other loud and clear. So Scott, let me just fill you in. Bruno is looking at opening a new office for his company and I suggested New Zealand.

Bruno: Actually we already have an office in Sydney which I want to expand, but Glenn tells me that New Zealand is a viable alternative.

Scott: Absolutely. Wellington, the capital, is attracting a lot of foreign investment these days. Salaries and rent prices are reasonable and the corporate taxes are a lot lower than in Australia.

Bruno: Interesting. No offense, Scott, but isn't New Zealand a little remote?

Scott: It's not any more remote than Australia! No offense, Glenn.

Glenn: No offense taken, Scott.

Scott: In any case, there's an important factor that you should consider. New Zealanders and Australians are like competitive neighbours - always trying to beat each other. I guarantee you that with a bit of careful management, both the Sydney and the Wellington teams will enjoy some healthy competition.

Bruno: I like the sound of that. Ok guys, thanks for the advice. It's definitely worth bringing this up at the next board meeting. Now, let me just get myself a beer too. Cheers, guys!

Scott/Glenn: Cheers, mate!


4/ The Perfect Client (scene 2)
  Philip receives a telephone call (the conversation continues)

Philip: So you're calling to tell me that you haven't received an invoice from us? Steffi, if only every client were like you. I'll get in touch with our Accounts Department and get them to send it to you right away. Problem solved?

Steffi: Yes Philip. Thank you.

Philip: Thank you to you! Bye. No need for violence! I am gonna kill that Quincy!

Icarus: Icarus Quincy speaking.

Philip: Icarus!!! You have 2 seconds to tell me why I have a client calling me to say they haven't received their invoice!!!

Icarus: I don't know Philip! Maybe it's slightly late! Clients usually never complain about missing invoices!

Philip: You bet they don't, Quincy, but this one did! Clients like Steffi are once in a lifetime, Quincy. Send Epikure that invoice so that they pay us and I can get my commission, or I'll send you to Munich! In a box.