Formación Inglés Informatico (Empresas)

La formación de inglés Gymglish PRO (formación profesional de inglés, plan de formación continuo, Fundación Tripartita ) se dirige a aquellas empresas que deseen ofrecer a sus trabajadores una formación profesional de inglés a distancia o en Blended Learning .

Formación inglés informatico



• Duración de la formación: 12 meses  (máx. 40 horas) o 6 meses (máx. 20 horas)

• Nivel requerido:  todos los niveles (excepto principiantes)

• Seguimiento y Certificado de finalización de la formación

• Posibilidad de financiación por la Fundación Tripartita


Nuestra formación de inglés comercial es personalizada y se adapta a sus necesidades de aprendizaje. Podrá elegir aquello que quiere trabajar con prioridad: inglés escrito, oral, un acento concreto, e-mails, conversaciones telefónicas, etc. Esta oferta de inglés informatico le ofrece cada día un nuevo episodio de la Delavigne Corporation que trata de forma preferente situaciones y terminología comercial: prospección de mercados, venta, negociación, representación, etc.

Ejemplos de algunos episodios de INGLES INFORMATICO :

The IT Emergency
Icarus boots his computer with a song in his heart. anglais informatique 1


The perils of the Internet: Icarus and I.T. support
Icarus receives a call from an Australian IT technician


Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 1 of 10)
Polly visits Horatio's laboratory


Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 2 of 10)
Polly explains Bruno's message to Horatio


Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 4 of 10)
Bob Carter visits Horatio's office



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A continuación le mostramos la transcripción de los audios de INGLES INFORMATICO :

1/ The IT Emergency
Icarus boots his computer with a song in his heart.

Icarus: Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way. That's strange... Ahhh!

Jean: IT department, Jean Marron speaking.

Icarus: Ahhh!

Jean: Hello? Jean Marron speaking, who's calling please?

Icarus: Jean, it's Icarus. I've just wiped my files! I lost everything. Everything!

Jean: Calm down, Icarus! Can you tell me what happened?

Icarus: Yes, I just got in this morning and I tried to open one of my favorite spreadsheets, when I noticed it was missing!

Jean: Is that all?

Icarus: No, no that's not all! I checked my documents in the C-drive and it's empty! There's nothing there at all! Please tell me you've backed them up! Please!

Jean: I'm sorry Icarus, we only back up our files two times a month. But have you checked another folder? You may have dragged them in there by mistake.

Icarus: I don't know Jean, just let me see. Oh!

Jean: Please do not shout again, my ears are bleeding.

Icarus: You're a genius, Jean Marron. A genius. Thank you, I've found them! My hero.

2/ The perils of the Internet: Icarus and I.T. support
Icarus receives a call from an Australian IT technician anglais informatique 2

Icarus: Icarus Quincy speaking.

Keith: Hi, it's Keith from IT support. How's your keyboard?

Icarus: It's good, thank you. How's yours?

Keith: Actually I've just optimized my shortcuts. I estimate my daily efficiency will improve by 2.65 percent. Anyway, have you turned on your computer yet?

Icarus: No, I've just arrived.

Keith: Then there's a surprise waiting for you. I came to set up your new finance software last night. You weren't there, so I logged on to your machine and installed it for you: password 'Icarus' is not a good password, Icarus!

Icarus: You broke into my computer! Oh my God! I feel violated! My PC contains files that are of a sex - sex - sensitive nature!

Keith: Relax Icarus! Though the next time you download from the internet, I suggest you use a USB key. That's what I do.

Icarus: Thanks for the tip Keith, but I am still very angry! I estimate that you have decreased my daily efficiency by 59.75 percent and increased my chance of a brain trauma by 63.26 percent!

Keith: Whatever dude. I am 100 percent putting the phone down.

3/ Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 1 of 10)
Polly visits Horatio's laboratory

Polly: Knock Knock. Horatio, can I come in?

Horatio: No! I am not ready. Wait a minute. Okay. You can enter.

Polly: Were you taking a shower?

Horatio: Maybe.

Polly: That's really something you should be doing at home, Horatio.

Horatio: I felt dirty.

Polly: Okay, well I'm sorry to burst in on you like this, but I'm here at Bruno's request.

Horatio: Bruno?

Polly: That's right, Bruno.

4/ Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 2 of 10)
Polly explains Bruno's message to Horatio

Polly: Bruno isn't happy that you continue to ignore your e-mails. Bruno bought you a computer. Bruno expects you to use it.

Horatio: I don't like this machine. The screen is not good for my eyes, and the plants, they don't like it either. It's like black magic.

Polly: Horatio, please don't be difficult. I've asked Bob to stop by this afternoon to start training you. Please listen to what he has to say. Okay?

Horatio: Yes. Please hand me the towel on your way out.

Polly: Uggh!

5/ Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 3 of 10) anglais informatique 3
Bob Carter writes an e-mail to Horatio

From: Bob Carter (
To: Horatio Oléré (
Subject: E-mail account test

Hi Horatio!

It's me, Bob. This is a test to see if you are able to receive e-mail messages in your company account. If everything is working correctly, this e-mail should arrive in your Inbox and not the Junk mail folder. If the e-mail isn't being filtered to the wrong folder, then I don't see any reason why you wouldn't respond to your e-mails. Anyway, try to send me a quick reply when you have the chance, so that I can make sure everything is okay on the technical side.

I'll swing by later to see if everything is working properly, and to begin our training session. We'll start with the basics of the machine and then focus on the Internet, then eventually we'll deal with word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

Hopefully we'll have you fully operational and surfing the web in no time!

See you soon!


6/ Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 4 of 10)
Bob Carter visits Horatio's office

Bob: Horatio, it's me, Bob. Can I come in?

Horatio: Wait a minute! Okay, I am ready.

Bob: Is this a bad time? Were you taking a nap?

Horatio: Maybe.

Bob: But it's only a quarter to 2:00!

Horatio: I was tired. But now I feel better. Why are you here?

Bob: Didn't Polly tell you I was coming by?

Horatio: Oh yes. You are to teach me about the machine.

Bob: That's right. So, are you ready to begin?

Horatio: Yes. Let me put on some clothes first.

Bob: Yeah. I think that would be a good start.

7/ Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 5 of 10)
Bob and Horatio prepare for the computer lesson


Bob: Okay. Let's get started. The first thing I'd like you to do is clear off your desk. It's very important to keep the area around your computer clean and free of dust.

Horatio: There is no dust. It's pollen from the flowers.

Bob: Right. Well, even so, you'll have to move the plants and the flowers away from the monitor. I can't see the screen.

Horatio: Fine. Are you happy now, Roberto? No more plants on the desk.

Bob: Good. Ok. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Now, what's the first thing we do?

Horatio: We dance for rain?

Bob: No! We turn the computer on.

8/ Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 6 of 10)
Bob starts Horatio's computer


Bob: So, on the tower under the desk, press the round, black button.

Horatio: Like this?

Bob: Good. Okay, and while the system is booting up, we're going to turn on the monitor. Go ahead and push the white button... Great!

Horatio: Ay ya yay! It's alive! The gods are angry. We must put back the plants on my desk!

Bob: Relax Horatio. That's just the Microtosh music. It means that we're using their operating system. It means everything loaded the right way. It's nothing to worry about.

9/ Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 7 of 10)
Bob shows Horatio his computer's desktop anglais IT


Bob: Okay. Now, what you see in front of you is called the 'desktop'.

Horatio: Yes, the computer is on the top of my desk.

Bob: Well yes, but if you look at the screen you can see several icons: they're all located on the 'desktop'. On the desktop there are folders and shortcuts to some important applications, and of course to the hard drive. Sometimes we call the hard drive the 'hard disk'.

Horatio: So, the hard disk is the hard drive on the desktop on the top of the desk with no dust!
Bob: Yes. That's right.

Horatio: Caramba!

Horatio's Computer Lessons: Part I (Scene 8 of 10)
Bob explains a computer mouse to Horatio


Bob: Okay, now this is the 'mouse', Horatio. We use the mouse to move the cursor around on the desktop.

Horatio: Where is the mouse? There are no mouses in my office.

Bob: No, no Horatio. This device is called a 'mouse'. It is used to open files, folders and documents. This one is an 'optical mouse', which means that it uses a laser to detect the mouse's movement.

Horatio: There is a laser in this animal?

Bob: It's not an animal. There are two buttons on the mouse, and in the middle there's a 'wheel'.

Horatio: Mouses don't have wheels. They have feet.