Formación Inglés Marketing (Empresas)

La formación de inglés Gymglish PRO (formación profesional de inglés, plan de formación continuo, Fundación Tripartita ) se dirige a aquellas empresas que deseen ofrecer a sus trabajadores una formación profesional de inglés a distancia o en Blended Learning .

Formación inglés comercial



• Duración de la formación: 12 meses  (máx. 40 horas) o 6 meses (máx. 20 horas)

• Nivel requerido:  todos los niveles (excepto principiantes)

• Seguimiento y Certificado de finalización de la formación

• Posibilidad de financiación por la Fundación Tripartita


Nuestra formación de inglés comercial es personalizada y se adapta a sus necesidades de aprendizaje. Podrá elegir aquello que quiere trabajar con prioridad: inglés escrito, oral, un acento concreto, e-mails, conversaciones telefónicas, etc. Esta oferta de inglés marketing le ofrece cada día un nuevo episodio de la Delavigne Corporation que trata de forma preferente situaciones y terminología comercial: prospección de mercados, venta, negociación, representación, etc.

Ejemplos de algunos episodios de INGLES MARKETING :

WorldBlends: Susie vs. Sigourney (Scene 2 of 4)
Sigourney's podcast interview with Susan Bliss


Sigourney continues her conversation with Susie
  WorldBlends: Susie vs. Sigourney (Scene 4 of 4)
Sigourney Weevil's podcast with guest Susan Bliss concludes


Philip leaves a message on Bruno's answering machine

Mysterious happenings at Galeries Falayette (Scene 2 of 4)
Bruno calls Hannah Benedict to give her a mission



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A continuación le mostramos la transcripción de los audios de INGLES MARKETING :

1/ WorldBlends: Susie vs. Sigourney (Scene 1 of 4)

An Associated Press news wire

Delavigne set to release new eco-friendly line of perfumes
The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO - In a press release issued yesterday morning, San Francisco-based cosmetic company Delavigne Corporation announced plans to release a series of environmentally-friendly products over the course of the next year. In addition to using all-natural ingredients, the new line (code-named 'WorldBlends') is produced under humane conditions: the company has sworn to work only with manufacturers approved by human rights watchdog group P.O.P.O.P (People Opposed to People Oppressing People). Furthermore, Delavigne Corp has guaranteed that a portion of the sales generated by WorldBlends will be donated to environmental agencies. Delavigne Corp, already considered a maverick in the cosmetics industry for its staunch refusal to use animals in the testing of their products (aside from their controversial volunteer monkeys), hopes to promote ecological awareness among its long-time customers as well as take advantage of a new wave of environmental consciousness among consumers, brought to national attention by the recent bestseller 'Global Warming: It's all your fault'.

Early reaction to the announcement has been mixed: Some have praised Delavigne Corp for its audacity, saying that the products, as well as the increased price tag they will likely carry, are well worth the price for the peace of mind they will provide. Industry pundits, however, are already calling the new line an attempt to capitalize on the hype surrounding environmental awareness. An outspoken conservative businessman, speaking on condition of anonymity, went so far as to say that the new line is another ploy by liberals to exploit easily-influenced consumers. The stock market seems to be reacting as well: Delavigne shares have risen 7 and three-quarter points since yesterday's announcement.

2/ WorldBlends: Susie vs. Sigourney (Scene 2 of 4)
Sigourney's podcast interview with Susan Bliss

Sigourney: Welcome everyone to my podcast 'Weevil's people', my weekly spotlight on people who have been in the news lately. For those who don't know me, I'm a journalist for London's 'Sunday Roast' newspaper. My podcasts can be downloaded weekly at no charge on the Daily Roast website. Now let's get to this week's guest, who is certainly no stranger to controversy. She is the spokeswoman for the perfume company Delavigne Corp, known for its numerous eco-friendly initiatives. Please welcome Miss Susan Bliss to the program. Hello Susan.

Susan: Hello Sigourney, thank you for having me.

Sigourney: It's my pleasure, treasure. Now then, let's get started.

3/ WorldBlends: Susie vs. Sigourney (Scene 3 of 4) anglais marketing 3
Sigourney continues her conversation with Susie

Sigourney: So, I imagine that you must have an opinion on the trend of big businesses 'doing their part' to help the environment. What's your stance?

Susie: Well obviously, I think it's a great idea. I think it's high time that companies took some responsibility for their practices.

Sigourney: Yes, but these measures, don't you think they're just throwing money at a problem, without thinking long-term? Aren't they just trying to benefit from some good press and cover up the damage that they're doing themselves?

Susie: Well there may be some isolated instances. But, what we do at the Delavigne Corporation-

Sigourney: Let me stop you right there Susan. I asked you here to speak about environmental initiatives in general, not to use my programme as a platform to promote your own company!

Susie: But, I just wanted to-

Sigourney: No need to apologize, just please don't do it again, it's very unprofessional. Now let's take a quick break. We'll be back with Miss Susan Bliss in just a moment.

4/ WorldBlends: Susie vs. Sigourney (Scene 4 of 4)
Sigourney Weevil's podcast with guest Susan Bliss concludes

Sigourney: Welcome back to all my lovely listeners. Once again my guest is Susan Bliss from the Delavigne Corp. Today we're discussing the state of the environment, and steps that some big companies are taking to preserve the planet. But could it be that this corporate eco-consciousness is just a transparent attempt to put these companies in the spotlight? Hmm, Susan, hmm?

Susie: Was there actually a question in there Sigourney? In any case, I think you have a misconception that publicity and helping the environment are mutually exclusive! The two can go hand in hand! Your vision is perhaps a bit too narrow minded Sigourney.

Sigourney: My vision? Narrow minded! How dare you! Why, Susan Bliss, you impudent trollop!

Susie: Do you want to step outside Sigourney? We can settle this the old fashioned way... with a duel.

Sigourney: A duel! What a splendid idea. Pistols at dawn? Sabres at midnight?

Susie: Pistols will be terrific. Tomorrow. Trafalgar square. 10:00 am. Does that work for you?

Sigourney: See you then! Thanks for listening to my podcast everyone. Join me next week.

Susie: If you're still alive.

5/ Mysterious happenings at Galeries Falayette (Scene 1 of 4) anglais marketing 4
Philip leaves a message on Bruno's answering machine

Bruno: Hello, you've reached Bruno Delavigne's answering machine. I'm not available right now. Please leave a message after the beep, and my assistant Brian Jones will get back to you as soon as I tell him to.

Philip: Hey Bruno, it's Philip. Did you have a good weekend? I know I did.

Listen, I've just been looking over some sales figures from our French department stores. Great way to start the week, huh? Yeah, I know.

So, I'm a little concerned about Galeries Falayette. They're supposed to have our flagship stand in Paris, but their sales have taken a sharp drop.

Apparently we've just hired a new sales assistant, and I wonder if the drop in sales might have to do with him. His name's Spencer, and he has a confusing voice. So silky. Like truffle oil or something. Anyway, I'm not sure what to do about this Spencer character.

Well if you have any ideas, please let me know.

6/ Mysterious happenings at Galeries Falayette (Scene 2 of 4)
Bruno calls Hannah Benedict to give her a mission

Hannah: Hello, Delavigne retail department, Hannah Benedict speaking.

Bruno: Hannah, it's Bruno. Are you free to talk?

Hannah: Always.

Bruno: Are you alone?

Hannah: Yes.

Bruno: Good, because I have confidential business to discuss with you.

Hannah: I'm all ears.

Bruno: Ok, I have a special mission just for you. I need you to go undercover as a mystery shopper. How's your French?

Hannah: Ooh, a little rusty.

Bruno: I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things. I need you to investigate a salesman named Spencer. He works in one of our Parisian department stores. Philip tells me that their sales have fallen off considerably in the past six months. I want to get to the bottom of it.

Hannah: Well excellent! The Parisian disguise is one of my favourites. I'll have to dig out my red lipstick and fake fox furs.

Bruno: Bon voyage.

7/ Focus Please (Scene 1 of 4)
Susan Bliss sends an e-mail to the staff regarding a focus group anglais marheting

From: Susan Bliss (
To: Delavigne Staff (
Subject: Focus Group FRIDAY 12th MARCH 1PM

Dear all,

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to the first of a series of focus groups the marketing department will be holding over the coming weeks, so please reserve the above date in your diaries. You can see that I've typed the date in capital letters in the hopes of attracting your attention.

The goal of these focus groups is to gather internal feedback about a couple of new products we're considering. Depending on your views, we'll decide whether or not to pursue these ideas and invest in a full-scale campaign, in conjunction with the R & D department. We won't be asking you to do anything too demanding: we're just going to float a few ideas, and you'll give us your impressions.

I'd like to think that you all take an interest in the development of new products, so consider this focus group an opportunity to reinforce the attachment you feel for them already. After all, it's these perfumes and cosmetics that pay our bills! Plus it's a chance to have your voice heard.

Each session should last no longer than an hour, and I'm working on securing bagels and possibly lox for snacking. I do love snacking.

Please let me know ASAP whether you are available: I'm hoping for a great turnout.

Best regards,

Susan Bliss
Head of Marketing
Delavigne Corporation