Traducción Let somebody do something

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Traducción & Definición

to let (somebody) do (something): dejar que (alguien) haga (algo)
My mother would never let me go to the party. Mi madre jamás me dejaría ir a la fiesta.
I'll let you think about our offer. Le dejaré pensar sobre nuestra oferta.


  • "Bruno : That would be great Sam. I'll let you finish your meal now."
  • "And I'll let you imagine how a massive sale of shares could affect your stock's price."
  • "I'll let you get to know your new friends, Jermaine."
  • "Look, I'll let you drive my car, and I'll take you to lunch before the operation."
  • "Donna : Oh, well according to my notes, we were discussing how lonely you were as a child because your mother didn't let you play with other children, and how you wet yourself in the school play at the age of 7."
  • "I'll let you choose."
  • "I'll let you tell that unlucky guy he's fired."
  • "Bruno : Uhhh, I'll let you discuss this in private."
  • "Listen, I'm in a good mood so I'll let you have them for 29 dollars."

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