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Traducción & Definición

regulation: la norma, el reglamento, la reglamentación
Company regulations require that employees give two weeks' notice before leaving. El reglamento exige que los empleados avisen con dos semanas de antelación antes de irse de la empresa.
(a) regulation (skirt): (una falda) reglamentaria

Pronunciation examples
UK: There are rules and regulations that must not be broken.
US: When joining the army he was given a regulation haircut.


  • "Please get back to me: this is an important subject and you are currently violating the regulations."
  • "There are rules and regulations you see!"
  • "A regulation dodgeball is a rubber ball 8 and 1/2 inches in diameter;"
  • "Well it's against regulations to accept tips, but I guess I could make an exception."
  • "It has come to my attention that there is a live animal on this plane, and due to customs regulations, we will have to land the plane in Guatemala."
  • "These records are legal documents and Bruno insisted that this laboratory comply with regulations."
  • "When the regulation was introduced in some French supermarkets yesterday, many customers left with more money than when they arrived."
  • "Trial runs in towns with high obesity levels have shown that consumers are likely to avoid unhealthy products if they have a picture of an unhealthy body on them. As part of the new regulations, healthier food options will also feature a photo of a slim and sexy person, in an attempt to lure consumers towards these products."
  • "Brian : And I don't think that loincloth is regulation kit sir!"

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