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Traducción & Definición

an attachment (to an e-mail): un (archivo) adjunto

(You will find my resume) attached to this letter, to this e-mail: (Encontrará mi CV) adjunto a esta carta, a este correo electrónico

the attachment (we have for someone): el apego, el afecto (que sentimos por alguien)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm sorry, but I can't open the e-mail attachment.
US: I have a strong attachment to New York, it will be difficult to leave.


  • "Attachment: Initiatives."
  • "Attachment: ItineraryDelavigne."
  • "-delete e-mails with large attachments, or detach and delete the attachments"
  • "We have done our best to reduce the size of our own e-mail accounts by deleting e-mails older than 90 days, as well as e-mails with large attachments."
  • "I am sending a list of additional services ChinaCorp can provide, as an attachment to this e-mail."
  • "I'd like to think that you all take an interest in the development of new products, so consider this focus group an opportunity to reinforce the attachment you feel for them already."
  • "The second part of the scam, and the part which is helping it to spread at such frightening speeds, is the attachment."
  • "- Never open attachments from people you don't know, obviously."
  • "Attachment: DCInboxData."

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