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the ceiling (of a room): el techo (de una habitación)
Pronunciation examples
UK: Is that... blood on your ceiling?
US: No, no, I just need to clean the ceiling.
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  • "And besides, when Michelangelo agreed to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for Pope Julius the second did it harm his reputation?"
  • "The ceiling height is 14 feet, and the apartment comes fully furnished."
  • "The walls, floors, and ceilings are all made from Greek marble."
  • "As you know, most of the ceiling collapsed due to the excessive water build-up."
  • "After complaining about the weather for half an hour, she told me that she recently handed over a cheque for £90,000 to a 'nice young man', and that in exchange he promised to re-plaster the ceiling in her sitting room. I'm no expert on re-plastering, but this seems like a rather large sum of money."
  • "It has now been 48 days (and 47 nights) since your 'home improvements' caused this damage and my bathroom ceiling has still not been repaired."
  • "15th, tomorrow will make seven (7) weeks since your renovation project 'incident' caused significant water damage to the ceiling of my bathroom (i."
  • "Bruno : This building does seem rather excessive: marble flooring, gold plated ceilings, I believe that door handle is actually made of porcelain."
  • "polishing the mirrors on the bedroom ceilings;"
  • "Low ceiling with concrete beams gives cozy feel"

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