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Traducción & Definición

(an) extra (bed): (una cama) de más, extra
I have an extra set of keys at home in case I lose my set. En casa tengo un juego de llaves de más por si pierdo el mío.

(an) extra (comfortable bed): (una cama) muy (cómoda)

an extra: un suplemento, un complemento


  • "I would really like to see more varieties of coffee in the coffee machine in the break room. "Milk and sugar", "black with sugar", "extra sugar" and "cream and sugar" don't offer much diversity."
  • "Danica : I can neither confirm nor deny that I would like a cheesecake with extra whipped cream and a cup of coffee."
  • "I hate business class with its extra legroom, reclining seats, and endless supply of alcohol."
  • "-Going the extra mile to satisfy a customer is a great way of maintaining customer loyalty."
  • "He's got an extra room at his flat."
  • "Always be willing to do a little bit extra."
  • "Extra comfortable, to encourage workers to wear them at all times."
  • "Extra cheese is 2 dollars."
  • "Oh, and I'll have a Moo goo gai pan that's a number 44 with extra pancakes."
  • "If you need extra space, you can just drag your applications from one screen onto the second screen!"

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