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important: importante
This is a very important client. Este es un cliente muy importante.

importantly: en gran medida


  • "Now our final and most important point of discussion: The Eurovision song contest."
  • "The important thing is that you appreciate this fine French delicacy."
  • "At the hotel room, well, I did actually receive an important phone call, otherwise I would have happily made love to her."
  • "Brian : Just a minute, sir, I'm in the middle of a rather important conference call with Europe."
  • "The pitcher, or hurler, is the most important man on the team."
  • "Still, there is hope for the human resistance: Edward and I have kidnapped the most important and handsome robot - BrianBot!"
  • "Look, it's all a bit technical, but the important thing is that my company's future is secure."
  • "But it's not important, I have a new wife."
  • "I have an important announcement."
  • "I called this meeting because I have some important news which couldn't be delivered in an email."

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