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to leave: dejar, irse, salir
When do you leave for France? ¿Cuándo te vas a Francia?
I've left five messages on her answerphone. Dejé cinco mensajes en su contestador.
I left the country two years ago. Me fui del país hace dos años.

Este verbo es irregular:
I leave / I left / I have left

(there's nothing) left: no queda nada
There's still some food left. Aún queda algo de comida.
What is left to do? ¿Qué más queda por hacer?

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'd like to leave the office early today.
US: You left early yesterday. Get back to work.
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  • "He is begging me not to leave him. I am laughing in his face whilst caressing my younger lover's large pectorals."
  • "The children are the future, so leave these kids alone!"
  • "As you all know, it's been exactly one month since Bruno left the company in search of happiness, and exactly one month since I've been the interim CEO in his place."
  • "With Brexit, your cheese will leave the EU very soon!"
  • "Also, I left some chocolate in your top drawer."
  • "Sam : Okay, well that leaves Friday afternoon then."
  • "All the tea, crumpets and Sudoku in the world cannot fill my void since leaving the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "It's not easy to say this, but I'm leaving you."
  • "This leaves precious few possibilities, but I have a couple of thoughts which strike me as legitimate options."
  • "I'm leaving to pursue my love of whisky full time."

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