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talented: dotado

a talent: un talento
She has a talent for imitating tropical bird calls. Tiene talento para imitar el canto de los pájaros tropicales.

Pronunciation examples
UK: My talents lie in human resources.
US: Philip thinks he is a very talented lover.
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  • "Bruno : Hello everyone and welcome to "Delavigne's Got Talent"."
  • "Bruno : Edward, we want to exploit, I mean, use your musical talent."
  • "I'm writing because I'm contractually obliged to remind you that today is the ‘Delavigne talent show', also known as ‘Delavigne's got talent'."
  • "Lots of talent, but you need to have the right agent to promote you, otherwise you'll never make it in Hollywood."
  • "The San Francisco Ballet is an internationally-renowned troupe of extremely talented dancers, including fabulous ballerinas and principal dancers."
  • "Mercifully, one of my holiday prayers has been answered, and there will be only two displays of 'talent' this year."
  • "Host : Hello, and welcome to 'San Francisco Has Talent'!"
  • "Greg : What is your unusual talent?"
  • "Tonight we're talking to people with unusual talents."
  • "Listen Marlene, I think you've got talent."

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