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a team: un equipo

team work: trabajo en equipo

to team up with (somebody): unirse o asociarse con (alguien)
Xavier and Bruno teamed up together. Xavier y Bruno se asociaron.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I have just won a place on the Olympic team.
US: My team defeated the other team in the cricket competition.


  • "Edward : This is the Delavigne Song, our team morale is strong"
  • "Team trainer and manager"
  • "You guys are part of the team. Now for your first mission."
  • "He spent his youth perfecting his warrior and team leadership skills."
  • "I guarantee you that with a bit of careful management, both the Sydney and the Wellington teams will enjoy some healthy competition."
  • "Danica : This is my team of lawyers."
  • "We have your laboratory surrounded by a team of 300 highly trained military operatives, 50 ninjas on loan from a sushi restaurant, 17 Apache helicopters and 3 cats that followed us here."
  • "And our research and development team has some ideas for the design of the bottles."
  • "The pitcher, or hurler, is the most important man on the team."

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