To relate

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(This problem) is related to (the weather): (Este problema) está relacionado (con el tiempo que hace)
We're not related, just good friends. No somos parientes, solo buenos amigos.

to relate to someone: entenderse con alguien, comprender a alguien


  • "Today I'm wearing a sky blue shirt, so I'll be using expressions related to the sky and the colour blue."
  • "Most complaints are related to orders on the Delavigne website and we could really do with an extra pair of hands to help us with complaints."
  • "The problem is actually related to Numbers."
  • "You should work harder, you're never at work on time and I often see you doing stuff that isn't related to your job."
  • "It reveals a candidate's true personality: how they relate to other people, their working style and, more importantly, whether or not they think that a horse is a valid form of transportation."
  • "Man : I think today's lesson should be business related."
  • "But to answer your question, I would say that a good manager is someone who knows how to relate to people."
  • "How is that related to perfumes Susan?"
  • "As Philip suspected, the problem is related to Spencer, the new Galeries Falayette sales assistant in charge of Delavigne products at the store."
  • "No offense Edward, I guess you are kind of related to Eskimos being Swedish, right?"

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